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No way to make it work/install


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So.. this is the situation:


I have build my system with this configuration:


i7 7700k

gtx 1080

16gb vengeance rgb


5x ll140 fans


corsair light strips

corsair commander pro and light node.


I tried everything but i can't manage to install the corsair link software, it gives me the "Corsair LINK 4 has stopped working" error no matter what i do.


i think the commander pro is set up correctly but i have all the fan with white only color(minus 2 spinning only without any led and i don't know why) and the light strips white only too! i have connected my h115i to the commander too.

Can anyone, ANYONE help me please!



sorry for bad english, im from Italy

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Hey there,

No worries; you're English is perfectly understandable. We aren't sticklers for grammar hear either. ;)

A couple of questions for you:

1) Are you running any other monitoring software? AISuite (for Asus boards), for example?

2) Can you see if you have any logs in C:\ProgramData\CLink4? You should be looking for client_error.log and/or service_error.log.

3) Do you have anything from your system event log? You should see 2 events at the same time ... the one from the .NET Runtime is the most useful.

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