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H80i GT stopped working


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I have a pc equipped with a Corsair water cooling H80iGT installed on and today seems failed to perform as before.

My pc was opened for few hours and all of the sudden the fans started to spin like mad to the maximum. The processor`s temperature started to increase gradually. I restarted the pc as I thought it may be something glitch but I did not have any luck and my BIOS showed me a message and told to get in the settings as the CPU has a fan speed error. I went in BIOS and I set it up to ignore to be able to get into the pc but in CL | 12/08/2017 showed me the pump is not working.

How can I check if my pump`s cooler is working or not? And if fails to work how can I RMA?


I attached a picture to the tread.


Thank you


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Well, if you see a zero RPM reported in Link, that is generally a sign it isn't running. Also, no matter what, you should always be able to feel vibrations when putting two finger on the pump. More seriously, look at your H80i GT temp in Link. This should be about +7C above your room temperature when at relaxed idle. If you see H80i GT (coolant temps) above 45-50C and still going up while at the desktop, you have some kind of flow problem. This could be a stopped or failing pump or it could be a physical restriction inside the cooler. You don't need to work out which and unfortunately neither of those have user solutions. If that is the case, you need to RMA the cooler.


On the H80i GT, also make sure the fan header powering the cooler is set to 100%, disabled, or Full Speed in Q-fan. I doubt this is the issue and the detection error usually signals some type of electrical issue with the pump.

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