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H750i vs Threadripper


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At the moment I'm mounting my new set, and a question came up when branching all psu cables.


Im mounting a 1920x in a X399 Aorus, with a Corsair 750i.


The mobo comes with an ATX 24 pin connector, and then on the upper left part with 1x 8 pin atx_12v and 1x 4 pin atx 12v.

Do I need to "feed" the cpu with both 8 and 4 pin connectors? Or is the 8 pin enough?




Im saying this because regarding the cables that come with the PSU, there is one labeled "cpu" which is an 8 pin that can be splitted in 2x4pins.


ºShould I use one of this 4 pins of the "cpu cable" on the 4 pin one, and then use a 8pin "type 4 pcie labeled" cable for the 8 pin connector? (in one of the ends of this last cable, one of the pins is empty, but I think its a ground. Would it work?)



Thanks for your help!

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The single 8 Pin (split 4 pin) should be enough to power that CPU, Generally the additional 4 pin connector is for stability when overclocking. Check the owners manual that came with your board to be sure. As far as the PCIe cable goes, it is keyed so that you can't plug them into the CPU power connector because they have a different pin out to the CPU cable.


If the motherboard requires the secondary 4 pin I would use a second CPU type 4 cable for that power connector.

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