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Lighting in BIOS mode


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Hey folks,


Just got myself the amazing K95, and i'm happy...sort of.

Using a KVM, I had an issue making it work. searching the forums I noticed people saying I should try BIOS mode.

Well, that works, but putting aside all of the extra keys don't work (which I sort of can live with), the lighting pattern that is default to BIOS mode on this model gives me a headache. it's a neverending rainbow.

Now, I have searched the forums and found people talking about a default profile, and how I should save it to memory to change this default behavior but since it didn't work i'm assuming either the post is old, or refers to other models.


TL:DR - how can I change the lighting scheme on my K95 *when in BIOS mode* from the default rainbow to something more sane.


thanks guys!

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Rewriting the default profiles on the keyboard should remove the default rainbow effects.


Connect the keyboard via the computer's USB port, exit BIOS mode and let CUE upload the hardware profiles from the keyboard, use the first profile and change it to a different effect. Save the hardware profile to the first slot and then re-enable BIOS mode. The saved effect should now be used instead.


Note: It may use the "existing" profile running before entering BIOS mode, So if saving it to the first slot did not help, try the other two.

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