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SP 2500 Speakers Audio barely audible.


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Had them awhile now, been great, but for some reason the sound is very low I can barely hear anything just whispers.


Thought It was my sound card but I plugged speakers into my mp3 player and same very low, sound is coming out if I turn the knob into the red but only just..


Tried bother connections Line In and Aux1 same, but the headphone sockets works fine though.


Thought I was doing something wrong or has something turned off etc, but there's not many controls, and everything else seems ok, checked the boards and they seem fine nothing burnt or blown.


I think it might be the remote volume control thing. due to when I power off and on again the screen show a weird glitchy flicker screen before the volume control screen shows.


But anywho are they knackered?

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