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Need help with H100i V1?


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Need some help here. My parents are running this PC 24/7 i installed this H100i a few years ago figured it would be trouble free as i live in another country.


Just seeing that CPU temps are at 98 C. I cleaned the whole thing, re applied arctic silver thermal paste, dusted out the whole pc but no changes in temps...it sometimes drops to 86 but then goes back up to 98 again eitherway these temps are nuts


I am worried that the pump is broken but i have no idea how to check this, all appear normal on the outside and soundwise, fans are running at normal speed albeit i bit loud.


I have the latest Corsair Link installed


What can i do here?

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Open up Link and look at the H100i Temp. This is coolant temperature and should give a strong indicator if the issue is flow related or something else. If the pump is failing or the coolant flow restricted in some way, you will see a H100i Temp similar to idle CPU temps in the 50C+ range. Normally, it would be about 4-7C above the room temperature when the PC has been at desktop idle.


Obviously a zero speed at the pump would be a strong indicator, but more likely this is going to be a flow restriction and not immediately evident from pump speed in Link.

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