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H115i Pro RGB Cooler Issues


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Not sure if NewEgg was suppose to release this new model yet? I found it three weeks ago and immediately ordered it. I sent back the H115i that I had just purchased as this was an upgrade to the pump and fans. I didn't worry much about the RGB part as it wasn't the determining factor for purchase


Yesterday I got ready to wrap this for a Christmas gift build present.

As I picked up the box it felt soft through the plastic wrapping and I could see moisture on the inside of the plastic. I removed the plastic and opened the now wet box to see that the two hose that pivot connecting to the pump were disconnected. Time to RMA it to NewEgg. As the packaging and exterior shipping box was in fine condition I assume this to be a defect in either the product design or quality control at Corsair.


Now Christmas is a wash as an new 8700k can't be built on Christmas Day. I don't expect a replacement to arrival till after New Years. In fact NewEgg doesn't have it listed on their site anymore so it's anybody's guess as to what will happen.


Don't get me wrong. I love Corsair products as I purchased the Great 600Q for the build and I'm sure that will be fine upon inspection.


Be careful what you wish for!


As with the latest and greatest of new products you don't know if you'll get that shiny present or a rock of coal come Christmas morning.


Happy Holidays to all!

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I had exactly the same issue. The swivel coupling was broken and the fluid leaked out. Most probable caused by small cracks started in flaws and propagate through the material leading to ultimate failure.


I'm just glad this happened while I was unboxing!


Some pictures of the fractured surface:





I work as a mechanical designer and I personally would never have chosen any polymer material on such a critical component as a coupling. Hopefully we will see aluminium couplings on future versions.

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