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Average CPU Usage & The Installer (2.21.67)


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I love Corsair hardware, first of all. This is my first post.


As far as I can think of, my relevant specs are:

  • Win 10 Pro 64 bit
  • Intel i7 4930K (6 core/12 thread)
  • M65 Pro
  • K70 RGB etc etc etc


Down to business ~ Is it really necessary for the CUE installer to flash my displays and force the display output into 1024x768?? Using a 4K monitor, it's pretty annoying having to resize all my windows unexpectedly. It's not like I'm using a Corsair GPU or monitor... Or anything related to screens/video output... I don't remember that happening in the past. (Just installed version in title over prior version). It's really annoying.


Secondly, I saw a couple threads about extremely high CPU usage. Mine isn't very high, but CUE constantly uses a strange base level of CPU when I'm only using the color/lighting features for a mouse & keyboard. Process Lasso tells me CUE is using 0.3-0.4% CPU AVERAGE over time. Now, that's not so crazy on a 6 core/12 thread overclocked to 4.2GHz processor, but is it necessary?



  • Can the installer not be annoying?
  • Can I turn off CUE and retain the lighting effects I carefully programmed for my KB/mouse??



  • 32" 4K monitor forced into 1024x768 during update
  • Process Lasso reading as of a second ago



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