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No RGB Profile is working


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Hey Guys!


I got my K70 today. I searched for some profiles in the driver but after import they doesnt work. For example: I searched for matrixtheme and found one. i clicked on "import" and then my keyboard turns all lights off. ive got that problem with any profil. What did i wrong?:(

And also sry for my english.^^

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Next to the settings "gear" symbol is an Advanced Switch. Toggle it on. This switches your from Basic (toggle off) to Advanced (toggle on).


Most user created profiles are made in the Advanced Mode with its more complex tools. You can still use basic mode if you are looking for quick simple color schemes or pre-made color effects.


However, you don't want to mix and match modes. When you try to use an Advanced Mode profile while in Basic, you get a dark device. When you try and use an Basic Mode in Advanced, you get lots of rainbows.

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