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No Y adapter and loose cables


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I've got a support ticket in, but if anyone has done a build on this before and wants to help, I have some questions because I cannot even get to booting to post.


This is my loose cable. It appears to run to the front USB/audio panel. Anyone know if it's even supposed to be plugged it?




This is the fan splitter... people have been saying it comes with a fan splitter/y cable pre wired. No such thing on mine. Did other folks get the y-splitter cable?




Any help or advice is appreciated. I've been building PCs for years and never have I done a bare bones build. I'm obviously missing something simple so a fresh set of eyes is appreciated.


EDIT: Looks like it's the PSU. Passed the paperclip test, failed the phone call to Corsair test.


If anyone has the Y cable issue, my unit had the cable unattached to the molex/sata cables. Found one that worked and then found one in the build nest.

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