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Link De-Minimizer


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Throughout all of the hub-bub with version, there was a silenced and oppressed group of Link users that wanted to have Link, in all of its beauty and glory, front and center when they loaded Windows.


They may not have known that they wanted it but, when they saw Link immediately appear when Windows loaded, they realized ... "Hey ... this is cool! I like this!"


But they said nothing on the forum. With all of the shouting and ranting about Link not starting minimized, they feared ridicule, mocking and other unmentionable abuses at the hands of the InterWebs. And so they stayed silent, oppressed, hidden among us in plain sight.


It is for this oppressed minority that I now present ... the Link De-Minimizer! You can have your Link and see it too! Just download, extract and run. Instructions are on the screen.

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I believe it! You're welcome to share a few of your best ones in PM and I'll see if it's not already matching existing plans and/or is something we can add safely and easily.


Cool! Works for me.


If, however, you need ideas for additional features, just ping me. I gots plenty.

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