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Set Profile From Raspberry Pi


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So I reread what you were looking to do, to my knowledge there is no way to set the current CUE profile without having it switch automatically based on the active window or application, provided the profiles are application specific and not including the fall creators update bugs. That said, the raspberry pi can run applications on your computer no? I'm sure there are a couple ways to do that, but that should let you remotely run an application to switch profiles (provided cue is open and the computer is logged in).


original reply: Hey, I am working on a slightly different solution for myself to read a key and perform some actions based on "what profile is selected" by virtue of reading the colors of a specific key. I will share what i come up with which may work for you with some edits.


I'm going to post in another thread about reading the led color to determine the profile...works pretty well.

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