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Need case with handle


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Hi all.


My first post here, i just read the rules and i don't think to break anything, well .... I hope :(:


I'm looking for a case with an handle, looking around I found the 380T, the yellow one is WOW super cool :sunglasse


My problem is, that I'm not able to find it anywhere :confused: :dunno:


Some one told me that it was discontinued, but i don't believe it since it is still present in the Corsair catalog; It is certainly a conspiracy :mad:


Ok, ok, just kidding :p:


Could you, pls., help me indicating where to find it or another Corsair model with an handle. Please :praise:


I know that, internaly, it's very similar to the Obsidian 250D, but it doesn't have an handle :(:

Also the C70 is too big, that was my firs choice ..... before i saw the 380T :loveeyes:


THX a lot, and happy holidays.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi Bubujr, Unfortunately, the person who told you that the 380T has discontinued is sadly true. That case is no longer in production. Although you might still see them on some stores, it'll be rare but I see them from time to time, you just have to be really lucky to get one at this time. You can probably check ebay or similar places and see if someone out there is selling it.


Happy holidays as well :) and good luck!

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