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Light effects missing in Harpoon RGB


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Hey guys,


I bought an Corsair Harpoon RGB today. I watched some video how to setup the mice in CUE. I used CUE already before with my K70 Lux.


I have only 1 problem and that is there should be several light effects avaible for the harpoon RGB. I dont see them.


I see only these 3: Solid, Gradient and Static.




I am missing rainbow, breathing, and some more light effects which should be in that list.

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You are in Advanced Mode where only those are available. If you toggle the switch at the top of the screen (just cut off in picture), rainbow, color shift, color pulse, static, and Link Lighting become available at the expense of the above.


This is something of a double edged sword. While you gain those effects, you lose the others that have more creative potential. Your keyboard and mouse profiles need to be created in the same mode. When they are not, you either get a black-out device (Basic -> Advanced) or Rainbows (Adv -> Basic). There are additional keyboard lighting actions in the basic mode as well.


The idea is that anyone can put together some simple or rather difficult to program effects (spiral rainbow) without much effort. However, most of the user created profiles will be in advanced mode to take advantage of the greater creative tools. You can make some accommodations either way. It's easy enough to make a rainbow spectrum by setting up a 3 point gradient from Red to Green to Blue. You could expand it further by using 6 or 7 color points (R-O-Y-G-B-V). Waves and moving patterns for the keyboard are more difficult, but if you download some of the popular user created content you can deconstruct it to get some ideas.

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