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Cherry MX silent Red - Metal Ping cause by metalplate


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My new Raf RGB silent, drives me crazy, because thats not silent the metal noise it makes by gently tipping is very very annoying.



The first sound (Typing.wma) ist by simply typing – not to heavy a normal amount of pressure.

You can hear a resonating metal plate and not faulty switches.


The second audio file (Tapping backside.wma) is the keyboard on his back and simply tapping gently with a finger on the backside. As you can hear, the whole metal plate is resonating.

It my option this isn't a Cherry MX silent "switch" problem its a desing/metalplate problem of the keyboard, because in the keyboard, a fair amount is hollow. In this case its working like a resonatorbody and it amplifies the noise.


bets regrads





i must correct me its mainly the spring with many factors!



Tapping Backside.zip

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