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K70 bright indicator light fix (VERY EASY METHOD)


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Hello all,


I know a lot of you with these keyboards are stuck facing these very white, too bright, indicator lights from your numlock and such.


I found a quick and nice fix for it without damaging your keyboard.


You know those things where you perforate holes with for your belt? Get one of those and get a black sticker, then set it on the biggest size and set it on the sticker, hold tight and turn the sticker around a couple of times so the edges create a clean cut in the sticker, otherwise you will be stuck trying to get that tiny piece out.


After that gently apply the sticker over the bright white lights and your problem is SOLVED. Without doing it with a permanent marker...paint or any other strange stuff that will harm it in the future..if you'd ever like to get it back into the original state you can just remove it and its good as new.


As you can see in the picture, everything looks nice and clean, as it should!


Thank you for your time and enjoy!




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