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i do need help after last update


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hello guys


i writing here in sheer panic... as u might see in my systemspecs i have let build me a custom pc arround corsair products... i have the most parts from corsair cause i realy love the possebilities but yeah here it comes...


the store that built me my pc has set it up with:


3x corsair commander pro (to control all of the 14 fans... 9x HD120 rgb led, 5x HD140 rgb led (all of them ar SP-Fans))


he made it perfect... i head a pulsating "hulk-green" and i was a happy camper... ok, the settings were never saved after a normal "shutdown" of win10 but i fastly changed to a workarround-shutdown file for win10 and all was fine... after a while an update hit and the shutdown-workarround didnt workanymore and at startup i had a ugly rainbow... then i needed to start CL4 once and the green reapeared and all fine... so far easy for me...


but now the panic/frustration kicks in hard as ...: my whole CLç profile is gone!!! why do u update your software and make it delete profiles??? i dont get it guys! and now it even gets wors... what have i done wrong??? today i start up and 13 fans are dark... only one fan can be changed and the custom profile (with groups, names, etc. of the fans) i made to test is gone as well...


i realy love your products but yeah... can u pls eighter help me make the 13 fans work again or tell me how to deactivate the last standing so at least all is dark and i can start to forgett about all of this waste...




hallo zusammen


ich schreibe in "reiner panik"... ich hab mir einen custom pc bauen lassen und war bis vor ein paar wochen sehr sehr zufrieden mit all den corsair produkten die ich habe... ich habe die ganze kiste eigentlich um corsairprodukte rumgebaut, weil ich corsair eigentlich liebe... nun zu meinem eigentlichen problem. der laden der mit den pc gebaut hat hat das gut aufgesetzt:


3x corsair commander pro (damit ich die 14 lüfter steuern kann... 9x HD120 rgb led, 5x HD140 rgb led)


es war perfekt... ich hatte ein pulsierendes hulk-grün im ganzen tower... ok, die einstellungen wurden nie gespeichert wenn ich win10 normal runtergefahren habe aber dafür habe ich einen workaround gefunden... nach einem update von CL4 hat aber dieser WA auch nicht mehr funktioniert und ich musste bei einem start einfach schnell CL4 starte und das hulk-grün war wieder da (wenn ich CL4 nicht gestartet habe, hatte ich irgendso einen wüsten regenbogeneffekt...).


aber jetzt kommt der eigentliche frust/panik: das ganze CL4 profil ist weg... ich kann nur noch genau einen einzigen lüfter steuern (nur die farbe nicht, die drehzahl kann ich wie gewohnt ändern) alle anderen lüfter sind dunkel... der einzelne hängt am CP #3 und die #1+2 sind wie tot... die lüfter sind den einzelnen CP's noch zugewiesen aber ich kann die farben nicht mehr ändern bzw. wohl nur noch den ersten, der am hintersten CP hängt (oder so)... ich musste drei CP in reihe schalten lassen, damit ich überhaupt 14 lüfter steuern konnte... was mache ich falsch bzw. was in aller welt muss ich machen, damit ich wieder alle 14 lüfter ansteuern kann??? bitte bitte um hilfe!!

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First, I've never seen a Link update delete profiles and, if that was a common occurrence, we'd have a bunch of complaints on the forum. You can manually uninstall and select the option to delete them but otherwise ... no, it doesn't delete them.

The profiles are in C:\ProgramData\CLink4. If you have a backup, you can possibly restore that folder. If you don't ... well, look in that folder and see what's there. Make a backup.

That said, that may not be your problem. Can we start with a screen shot of your current Link configuration? And have you looked in the Profile menu and selected different profiles in there? The profiles will include not only your fan curves but also your lighting options. Perhaps you changed the profile?

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first of all thank you very much for your time!!

well lets take the point "i did something wrong" cause this folder ist empty... so i have to start from scratch as it seems... i created a new profile and need to set the tree commanders properly i guess... but how to do so? i added some prints, does they tell u something??









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Well, your folder does have one profile ... the "silent gaming" one. Is this one that you created? Or has it been there?

What happens when you change your profile? Note that each profile can have distinct settings for fan curves as well as lighting.

And the rainbows on startup are something that you're going to have to live with for a little bit longer. Corsair Dustin promises us that we'll have hardware playback for most of the LED devices (except the LL fans) in an upcoming version.


Now ... back to the lights. It looks like Link is detecting your three Commander Pros, which is good. Make sure that all of your LED strips are added (I'm not sure how many you have). You do need to add any of the RGB strips and/or fans manually; they don't get automatically detected. If you want all of your LEDs to be identical, just get one set the way that you want it and then copy to all of the rest. And, if you want to keep this as a baseline, immediately create a new profile; it'll be based on your current settings. You can then experiment in the new profile without having to worry about messing up your baseline configuration.

And maybe make a backup of that profile folder. ;)

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the profile is the new one i created. when i change the profiles, the fan rpms change but the colors stay dark (except on fan on the CP#3).

where do u see (other than the guiin link) that i have actually saved a profile? in the windows folder i dont see a save file or such.

well to be honest, i guess... my pc dealer made a mistake as well... i had the settings always on "led strips" i already wondered why but didnt ask... now following your explanations, i see that if i change to "HD fan" i can add fans to the CP's and change the colors again... i gues u gave me the solution! i have to have a 2nd look but have to go right now... i will post a short thing how it worked...


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If you look in the folder, the ".config" files with a bunch of numbers and a couple of letters are actually the saved profiles. For example "1f6d4ca8-0465-[More of the same].config" is actually a saved profile. It's not human readable but that's where it is.

But it sounds like you are all set to go. Excellent! :-)

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