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AX1200 clicking problem, running after many attempts


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Hi there.


The system worked pretty well for a long time. Last winter I found that the PSU didn't want to wake up in the morning. It was standing in a bit colder room.

The behavior was this:

- after pressing power button PSU makes a 'click' sound and doesn't wake up

- I have to push power button for about 7 secconds and make another attempt


After a few attempts it started running.


During summer it was fine, so I thgought it's the problem with temperature.


Present time:

The clicking problem appears all the time. Even if the system is warm and have been running for several hours. I took the PSU to the computer repair shop but they told me the PSU is completelly fine. That maybe something is wrong with my mobo or connections.

After many attempts it runs, and can run without any problem, render animations, and so on for a few days. No problems. The only problem is during start up.


Did you encounter this kind of behaviour yourself?

What could be the problem?

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