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Corsair Link + mystery fans?


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Very confused by this current scenario, I have my corsair h100i V2 installed as per the manual says with the pump connected to the CPU_Fan header and the two fans connected to the pump splitter - In the bios (gigabyte GA-Z170X gaming 3) board - I have the CPU_Fan set to manual speed at 100% across the board - corsair link controls the fans when booted up.


Now, the problem I've noticed is that the two fans as default are detected and run fine at 800rpm quiet right upto 2000+ rpm maxed out, the pump also runs perfectly fine at 1800rpm quiet and 2800rpm max (all of these are detected by corsair link and show no issues)


However! there appears to be two mystery 0rpm fans? I have zero clue what these could be, my case fans are installed and directly powered by the PSU and fan controller via molex power.


I do have two other corsair fans connected for push-pull but these are powered by two seperate system fan ports via the motherboard and also show up A-Ok in corsair link and run fine at 1000rpm and are only adjusted manually.


So why in the world is CL detecting two extra fans at 0rpm? :confused::confused:


EDIT! (cannot delete thread) have worked it out, it is detecting the empty CPU_Opt header and the extra system fan header that is also blank!

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