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Are there any plans for officially supporting Mac OS at some point?


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Yes, I have seen that other thread about using CUE to upgrade the keyboard to work better with Mac os.


But alas, my K70 vengeance is too old to be updated.


So I am kinda considering to replace it with a new K70, or maybe a Strafe (to test out the MX silent keys for the sake of my coworkers).


I really like my K70. The height and overall form factor simply feel perfect for me. So as much as I hate replacing an expensive keyboard (that I bought to last for a decade or so) with a newer one ... it seems like an acceptable solution.


But: I really dislike the fact that Corsair still only lists Windows as supported OS. You see - when I invest another 150 to 200 Euros to replace a working keyboard ... I would like to be really really sure that it works perfectly with my Mac Book Pro.


Thus: can anybody comment on the product strategy here? Is there a chance of ever getting things "officially out" (like in: downloading keyboard firmware from some drop box location ... I guess the security guys in my company would freak out if they would know about such things)?

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