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Corsair MM600 mouse mat, scratching of mouse feet


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Hi All,


I purchased an MM600 Corsair mouse pad a week or so ago. Previously I was using a Steelseries hard mouse pad for several years with a Logitech Performance MX mouse which has given me sterling service. I used it over 12 hours a day (I am not a gamer) in my business and personal use for several years. The feet are definitely beat up.


I decided to purchase the new Logitech MX master 2S on Saturday and I received the mouse yesterday afternoon. This was product shipped by and sold by Amazon so I do have a lot of trust in them as opposed to some of their merchants.


The box was sealed and I had to cut the tabs. It looked new and seemingly was so. I did definitely look at the back of the mouse (obviously in order to turn it on) and I cannot recall exactly but the mouse feet seemed fine as in new.


I have been trying out both sides of the mat, firstly the high control and then the low friction side. On looking at the mouse this morning I saw an inordinate amount of scratching. Now I ask myself, did I get a used mouse or did the rougher/high control side cause the scratching?


I know that hard mats are more abrasive than the soft ones but I do like the smoothness.


I am attaching a photo of my feet. I know it is not terribly clear but you get the idea. What caused this do you think? Was this used or was it caused by the mm600 coarse side? Should I worry about it? I have never paid that much attention to mouse feet until recently.


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