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Corsair One Pro 1080Ti Being loud in general.


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So i bought my Corsair One Pro 1080Ti recently from a store in Sweden, and upon searching for other buyers reviewing their machines and listening to how they sounded, it seems mine is quite loud in comparison.

They would describe theirs as being as silent at idle as when the machine was turned off.


While starting up and being idle, i can quite clearly hear it buzzing/humming away when it is 1 meter away. Even when i go stand in the next room i can hear it.


Then occasionally it will make this weird, sharp clicking/bubbling sound, from the bottom left side, which is even louder, and can be annoying.

That sound might happen when going back to idle after a game or similar, but i haven't tested enough to confirm that.


Idle fan speeds are as follows

MB Fan: ~4350 rpm

GPU Fan: 1100 rpm

CORSAIR ONE GPU Cooler Fan: 424 rpm


So in summary I've been really happy with my machine, but am wondering if the volume of it was normal or not. :question: :sigh!:


- Takos_360

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I suggest using a sound meter to measure the noise in decibels.


There are cellphone apps to do it, but be warned they're not always accurate. It helps to calibrate them and test other known-noise levels to get an idea if the one you're using (or it can be a phone mic issue) is roughly correct.


You can then take screenshots of your apps measurements or use a second cellphone to record and upload to Youtube as you measure the noise levels in decibels you're getting. Remember to take ambient noise into consideration too. For example, when measuring noise levels from one of my client's office's which is in an old building along a busy avenue (15' from the curb), ambient noise readings fluctuate significantly and can affect the local noise measurement when using something like a cellphone to measure the noise level. Also, many cellphones mics/audio processing are designed to be more sensitive to certain frequencies and so may not always give an accurate reading. But, in general...they work well for this purpose once you calibrate and test the app.


Anyway, this'll give you a comparative way to know if your machine is overly loud, or...you may be more sensitive to whatever sound/frequencies it does make than other folks, which is a legitimate possibility.


The clicking/bubbling might be something to look in to. It could just be part of the liquid cooling apparatus, or it could be a mechanical hard drive, or it could be one of the fans, or a combination of things.


I can say that despite some of the issues I've had with my Coresair One's...neither of them were loud in any way. Even with all fan speeds at 100% the system could be heard, but it it wasn't what I'd define as noisy or loud, and at idle...unless you got really close, you really couldn't hear the top fan. My recent hearing tests say my hearing is good. So, that's something to consider too.


Good luck, and perhaps consider an RMA, but do some recording/testing first, unless Corsair advises otherwise :)

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I have exactly the same problem, and did also buy mine here in Sweden. So what happened, have you been able to pinpoint the problem?


Have you got a new Corsair One Pro, and if so is it less noisy?


Best regards



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