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ck8 dragon plus memory suggestion


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Hi I'm very new at these kinds of message boards. I just want to know what model of corsair memory that my ck8 dragon plus can use at this time I'm using two sticks of Corsair cmx256a-3200c2 2-3-3-6 frequency is 221 voltage is 2.7 I’m using a athlon 64 3200+ new castle revision Dh7-cg it is running at 2430.8 right now this system runs great but I'm considering buying some 4400 or 4200 I just want to know if they will work with this mother board? I have asked soyo for some help (great motherboard but there tec support sucks the big one) I'm very happy with the corsair memory but cant seam to find much info about my motherboard and what memory that I can use anywhere and do not want to spend money for nothing. And can someone please email this info I have a hard time finding anything on these message boards and waste many hours searching.
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