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Hi I'm going to buy the corsair 570x case soon and would like to use the new ML RGB fans in it,i will be getting the new corsair aio 360 when it comes out and want to run it with 6 fans in push/pull mounted at the front of the case.


Then another 2 ML RGB fans on the top of the case pulling air into the case and 1 ML RGB on the rear pulling out the air.


Would also want the corsair RGB led strips as well.


What would be the best way to run all this.

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Best guess at this point is you want a Commander Pro to handle the fans and lighting. We don't have any information about the current limit on the new H150i Pro. Can it handle a 6 fan load? Maybe, but most likely you will need to split 3 fans onto the H150i controller and 3 onto the C-Pro. That will allow you to control all 6 fans based on coolant temperature instead of trying to match BIOS and software settings across different variables. You need a lighting interface device (LNP or C-Pro) anyway. The C-Pro provides that fan control you may want whereas the LNP is lighting only.


The strips you would need to purchase separately. The extensions that come in that kit make setting it up trivial and this will plug into one port on C-Pro. The 6 fans will go to a lighting hub and that will occupy the other port. That would be the max number of RGB devices in that configuration.


The other point to decide is whether you want the "free" LNP that comes in some of the ML-RGB multipacks. With the C-Pro you don't need it, but the LNP can be plugged into the C-Pro to further increase RGB fan/strip capacity. You'll have to price out the various sales packages for you market and assess the value. Usually, you can get a LNP for a fairly low effective cost versus buying a separate LNP, although with RGB strips.

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Now that's more like it pictures :)

Thanks yeh I'm waiting also cant wait .


glad it helped bud.


makes it easier to visualise what you need to do imho... both my self and Devbiker have made up diagrams to help those that had the same unanswerable questions we had when delving into the corsair 'Corsair lifestyle' lol

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