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Want to return A K95 keyboard for a refund; how????


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I purchased 2 K95 platinum keyboards, one for my dad for x-mas and one for myself. I love the keyboard, and asked my pop to try it out and see how he likes it, thinking it would hype up the desire to have one and then his x-mas present would be that much more awesome. Well, He hated it; the keys are too fast for him, and he hates the distracting lights. So, I need to return this keyboard. I received it on November 28th and purchased it directly from corsair. I started a ticket, but not even sure that is what I needed to do. I cannot find out the return policy, nothing... So, kind people, please help me figure out how to return this item to Corsair so I do not end up with a $150.00 paper weight. Thanks in advance.

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