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2 versions of 400C ???


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Hi fellow corsair lovers


I have been looking a lot about that case, the carbide 400C white and how to make the white front cover a bit more transparent to display 3x LL120 fan and their fancy lights


Many would say that the 460X does that. But having already bought the 400C and that the 460X doesnt come in white I was looking around at how to mod the 400C.


I came across 2 youtube videos from 2016 and 2017.



[/ame] <--2016


[/ame] <--2017


at respectively 1:31 and 0:34 you can see what's behind the white front cover and surprise ... the dust filter is not the same ... at all


on the 2016 video its the "normal" one as you can see on the corsair product page


but on the 2017 one the dust filter looks like the newer 460X which came out later


so question is : how is that?


thanks for your help

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Because 400C White is using the same production chassis as the 460X.


So is this why my 400C Black blatantly has the 460X design too?


This is the problem I'm facing on my 400C in this thread: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=173155&highlight=400c, as I bought it think I'd get the 400C's original front rail design for fans. And now my H100i won't fit properly with all screws needed, due to the stupid 460X design.


This seems like damn shady, borderline false advertising by Corsair as pictures on Amazon show the original 400C front panel design. You should get your Amazon account manager to get the pics changed ASAP.

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