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REQUEST: Please sell a RAM stick with uncovered RGB light bars


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Dear Corsair,


I love your brand, your products, and your colorful lights! :)


I plan to soon make a monster of a PC filled with all of your RGB products!


However there are two products I know I won't be buying from you, and one of them is RGB RAM.


Could you please consider selling an RGB RAM stick that has an uncovered light bar like the one G Skill sells? (Mods please don't kill me, I asked an admin if it was ok to mention them)


I love Corsair and your quality, style etc., but I prefer the uncovered light bar as it just looks so much cooler.


(Ironically I don't want to buy the G Skill RAM either because they put their brand name everywhere holy crap so tacky)


That's all, I really hope you get to hear and consider my request, a big thank you to everyone at Corsair for all the hard work you do, I'm rooting for you!

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Thanks for telling me that @emissary42 :) I didn't realize that was an option. That is definitely awesome and my only gripe is that the heatspreaders don't exactly look 'sexy'. Here's hoping they revise the design to make it look a little more sleek and sexy when you take off the cover as shown.


Again, thank you!

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