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Color change issues on keys that are assigned to static color


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Heya, just got a K95 RGB recently because I had an original G15 that was dying on me and I actually used all 18 macro keys constantly, making the K95 RGB pretty much the only available option to me. (And seeing as it's disappearing from the market I basically had to go for it now or risk not having anything to replace the G15 with... Wish I'd done this with the old non-RGB one already...)


Overall I quite like it, but I've noticed some inconsistent color behavior issues on it. I'm connected through 2 USB 2.0 ports, here's my current color setup, from bottom to top:


Static color for all keys

Static color for WASD, arrows and macro keys

Type Lighting (Key) with random colors and Long duration


I'm experiencing three problems:


1) Whenever I hit the keys and the type lighting kicks in, all of the keys (including ones that weren't pressed) can experience flickering and brightness changes


2) When the type lighting effect is being faded out the colors and brightness on all of the keys (again including and most noticeably ones that weren't pressed) can change colors dramatically, like for example a normally purple lighting can go full red for about a quarter of a second. This is also accompanied by brightness changes in many cases


3) This seems to be color dependent. Red, blue and green seem most impervious, while combination colors like orange, cyan and purple are very highly affected.


To minimize the downsides I've settled on using green highlights on an otherwise blue keyboard, but it's very annoying that I can't assign the colors I want.


Effects like rainbow spirals and waves seem to work perfectly, seemingly it's only static colors being affected when dynamic colors are doing their thing elsewhere.


If necessary I can provide video later.

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Further findings: If I turn off the 16.7m color mode this stops happening.


i have a refurb k95 and a newer model factory k95 at home and at work respectively and the refurb has issues with lighting ...but they're like...real bad with the 16.7m color mode on.


Do you know if you bought a refurb?

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If it has the older logo like the spikey viking / crab / horns whatever you want to call it, then it might be a refurb, but if it has the three sails looking ship thing then its probably newer. I see you mentioned type lighting above, I'm no expert, but you want to try videoing it and unlisted youtube posting a capture of what is happening? someone might have more details or can tell you if that is expected or unexpected behavior?
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Got the three mast logo, with a total of 6 sails (3 big, 3 small), sounds like it's new, as it bloody well should be for the price I paid... =)


Here's the video, first with 16.8M color mode on, then off:





Included is an image of the color effect stack, blue is the base color for most keys, green is for WASD and arrows, and purple is for the macros and some other keys. On top is the Type Lighting (Key) effect with long duration. Again this is mostly visible with combination colors like purple, cyan and orange.


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There is a statement on the 16.8 million colour a while back for the first generation RGB keyboards.



Refurbished keyboards from Corsair usually have RF at the end of the part number.

Cheers, was mainly wondering if it was a known thing. No problem turning it off for me, didn't even want the RGB but finding a white backlit model was even more difficult than finding this (in a Nordic layout with brown switches). Thanks for the clarification. =)


No RF on mine, so far nothing pointing towards it being a refurb. Good thing.

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