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A few additions to the K95 RGB to make the ULTIMATE keyboard!


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I own the Strafe RGB keyboard, I love it, I am also about to get the K95 Platinum RGB, and I know I will love it. (one for work, one for home)


However, my hope, nay, my RGB colored dream is that one day Corsair will take the K95 Platinum RGB, and add two (hopefully 3) things to it that the Strafe RGB has:


- The side illumination, and make it RGB (it's only white on the strafe)


- The white base under the keys of the keyboard that makes the illumination POP, POP, POP!


- Super bonus points if you give us the option to buy one with the silent mx cherry switches...ooo so sexy.


Dear Corsair gods, hear the plea of this loyal fan! Build me this perfect keyboard worthy of an RGB king, and I will buy it! I will buy a second one to replace my Strafe at home!


Nay, I will not simply buy it, I will flaunt it and convince all my friends and coworkers to get it! (Just like I did with the Void wireless headset)


Further nay! I will post pictures to all the social media accounts of the games I'm in charge of publishing where I subtly and oh so casually have this creation fit for a greek God in the picture! (seriously, reach out to me)


Oh powerful and mighty Corsair execs and designers...HEAR MY PLEA!!!


(*thunder cracks in a darkened sky as I shout on the cliff overlooking the tumultuous ocean*)

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RGB side lighting would be interesting to see on the K95 Platinum. The silent switch request has popped up time to time. If anyone else is looking Silent switches, feel free to post so we can see how much interest there is.


Wow thank you so much for taking the time to read my post, regardless of whether it happens or not it shows your commitment to your fans and is much appreciated.


No offense to these forums, which I think are great (but hardware forums aren't exactly top of the list for most people), seeing the volume of posts etc., you may be better served by putting together a sleek newsletter with a survey from any of the free survey services online. And maybe include a chance at a free peripheral for those who take the time to answer your survey.


I'm sure you have great marketing people helping you out who will tell you the same, I just thought I'd make the suggestion since I work in marketing for games. Thanks again!


And as a wise prophet once said....JUST DO IT.


(and we will buy) haha


(especially the white background...omg every keyboard should have this as an option...so good...)

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