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VERY Essential addition request


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I am a HUGE Corsair fan, I work in middle management in a prominent game publisher, and I'm such a huge fan that I have now convinced 7 different colleagues to buy the Void wireless headset, which they all love and thank me for suggesting. (They're still jealous of my nearly completely Corsair rgb peripheral setup though :D)


So here is my simple request for CUE:


PLEASE Let us see the battery left in our Void Wireless headset in the actual headset tab without having to click on Global Settings.


It took me forever to find where I can see how much juice is left in my headset, and that just shouldn't be the case.


(Also a little annoying because the program hangs a bit when clicking on the global settings button)


Thank you Corsair for everything you do, please keep up the fantastic work, and keep making products we love. I hope this gets forwarded to the engineering/dev team for CUE and if it does, thank you for your time and work on this nifty app. :)


Big hugs.

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as a voice prompt


That's the Future right there! and if we got them at say 50% and 25% too.... its do-able as its already keen to sound off when its low lol


to add... the void pro has a tiny flashing led by its usb socket that denotes battery status. i have recently switched from void to void pro and have found the flashing green reassuring enough to stop me checking in Cue until it flashes amber

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