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CX500 problem


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Hello guys,

In about middle of 2013 I bought a corsair CX 500 and a Radeon HD6870 because my last graphic card was not good enough to run games. The specs of my computer that time were : Core 2 quad q6600, 2GB Ram, 1 HDD 7200 rpm and an Asus p5kpl-am.

I installed everything, then a few days after, the monitor started to blink.

I checked all the cables and were everything correct. Tryed my old supply power, its a Seventeam ST-450P-CG and the monitor stopped to blink. Since still was in the warranty, I send to the store that I bought and asked then to test the supply power. They tested for about a month and didnt detected any problem. They told me that this problem was probably a compatibility problem, between the supply power and the motherboard. I accepted this excuse and didnt asked for the refound, and I decided to let this supply power in the wardrobe, for my next computer.

In the begging of this year I decided to upgrade the whole computer. I bought an i7 6700K, GTX 1060, 2x8 Corsair vengenance, SSD 850 Pro Samgung + HDD7200 Rpm, MSI Z170a Gaming M3 and the Corsair CX 500 that I had before.

Six months after I assamble this computer, I started to have problems in the motherboard. All the USB ports stopped to work, so I sent the motherboard to the warranty and they discovered that the motherboard had a PCH problem due to a broken chip.

I received the refound and bought another mobo, its a MSI z170A Plus (about last october). So about 2 weeks ago, I was using normally the computer (just using Word) and the computer turned off for no reason. I tryed to turn on again and the computer was going on and off all time. The leds were on and off and the computer were not turning on. So I concluded that it was a power supply problem. I took from the wardrobe my old Seventeam and tested. When I tryed to turn the pc on it worked perfectly and is still working with no problems.

So I pretty sure that the power supply damaged my first mobo (Z170A Gaming M3) and almost damaged my new one.

After this long story I would like to ask you guys:

1- Do you guys think there is a problem in the power supply? If yes which one? can I fix it?

2- Do I still have the warranty with Corsair? If yes what can I do to use it?

3- Do you guys think my old power supply (Seventeam ST-450P-CG) can run my computer with games and everything else or should I buy a new one? Do you guys have any suggestions about a new power supply?



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