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One Pro & Vive Setup


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Hi All,


Having read though many posts, I am still at a loss as to where I'm going wrong. Hopefully help is out there.


Purchased Vive and One Pro (CS-9000011) early October. Connected HD TV to rear HDMI port on PC, all good. Downloaded Trendmicro, current drivers, Steam, Steam VR and Vive Port. Yep, took 2 days, but remained patient.


Plugged in the link box to the front HDMI port and the USB just below it. Connected the head set to the link box and powered everything up.


Ran room setup through Steam and confirmed all ok. Next step was to launch Vive Tutorial. Pressed enter and the TV went blank and nothing from the Vive either.


Tried numerous ways to restore the display on the TV, but no joy. Tried clearing CMOS about 30 times, even with power disconnected. Tried a boot disk and even tried a wired keyboard to enter BIOS. Disconnected all Vive gear and even tried every port with both HDMI and DP.


Assuming a fault lie with the PC, shipped it back to the retailer in Sydney and 1 month later got a replacement. Happy days.


Done the same steps as above, went to launch the Vive tutorial and again, failed with no display.


HTC support were as accommodating as a full hotel on a winters night. Wiping their hands of it and then auto requested feedback on their service levels. Corsair tech support have been better, given the time difference. Thanks Brian.


Anyways,my question is, have I connected the Vive incorrectly to cause the failures? Nowhere have I seen any instructions to suggest a particular method of connection.


Thanking you all in advance.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi dpyke,


This is unfortunate to hear you are encountering this much issue with your vive and Corsair one setup. Lets try to resolve this issue together.


I'm assuming the Corsair one is displaying perfectly with the rear hdmi port connected to the TV.


Have you updated the FW on the VIVE headset and the rest of the gear?

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Hi Corsair Alan and thanks for your prompt reply.


Unfortunately, there is no display on any port, so am unable to make any changes tot either the system or Vive. Have submitted ticket 653449 and Brian asked me to try clearing the CMOS. Still no display.


I assume you mean firm ware? No I hadn't and am unable to do so at the moment with no display naturally.


Still my question remains. Did I connect it correctly?

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi dpyke,


I don't believe you have connected anything incorrectly.

But we can check the following:


- Wall power to CORSAIR ONE

- Rear HDMI to HDTV/Monitor

- Front HDMI to Link Box

- Front USB to Link Box

- Power adapter to Link Box

- HTC Vive headset connected to Orange ports on the Link Box (HDMI, USB, Power)

- Base stations connected to wall power




It is odd that your system is reacting that way. Our setup with the Vive has been pretty straightforward. I would try to replicate the error on our end, but if anything let me see if I can arrange to bring your unit in for inspection. I'm assuming you live in Australia?

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Hi Corsair Allan and thanks again.


Yes connection is exactly how you itemised it. I did read on another forum not to connect the monitor to the HDMI port connected to the motherboard. Was not Corsair specific and did not specify what would be the ramifications would be either.


And yes, I live in Australia. Perth.

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I have a one pro with 1080ti in preparation for Xmas HTC Vive present.


I have tested it, and yes I did encounter blank screen issues initially, and even a system reboot in the middle of a VR game.


Otherwise however, I managed to setup and experience it, and BOY is it worth it!



So.... you need 2 HDMI ( or one DP and one HDMI).


The one on back a bit more temperamental, HDMI on front native to graphics card, and one I have been plugging Vive in to.


The C1 hardware with super sampling makes Vive games work brilliantly. Worth persevering.


I am not without issues on mine also however.

Corsair support have been pretty good, happy to RMA my machine if needed, but I don’t want to be without it for weeks. I live in scotland.

If it was returned with same issues, I think I would be demanding refund.


Great machines, .......when they work.


Keep trying let me know how you get on. Remember to look at display issues in other threads re Gen2 etc, may help




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