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CUE crashes and shuts my PC down in R6S

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well it goes like this

i formatted my PC after it had FPS problems in R6S

it was all well and good i installed all the drivers

reinstalled firefox R6S and corsair CUE nothing else


and then i play and right about the first round my game froze for 5 seconds

pressed ALT TAB

and i see a pop up message the CUE has stopped responding

i press "close program" and my PC shut down i was like WTF

and it happened again and again

so i reinstalled windows again

and it happened .....again

and again formatted my PC again and it happened again


before i reinstalled win CUE gave me no problems

now i ask you this

i reinstalled windows for the forth time and yet to install CUE should i wait or go for it again .. .......?

or should i wait for an update or something

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