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Corsair LL120 Fan LEDs aren't all addressable


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Hi guys,


i have bought the triple pack of Corsair LL120 Fans with the hub and the lightning pro.

After i installed all the Fans with the hub and the lighting pro, i booted up and all the fans lighted up green.

Then i installed the Link-Software and tested some of the effects.

On one of the fans ca. 1/3 of the LEDs didn't change color, they still were green.

In the Link software i updated the lightning pros firmware.

After a new system start with the new firmware the same leds that didn't change color didn't light up at all.


Is it a defective fan or is there something i can do about it?

I hope this post was understandable (not a native speaker).

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i tried out some scenarios:

- i rearranged the defective fan (lets call it d-fan) to the first place at the hub

the result: the other two fans didnt light up at all. The d-fan still had the sam leds that didn't light up

- rearranged the d-fan to the second place at the hub. result: the first fan lights up without problems, d-fan still without 1/3 of the leds, the third fan doesn't light up at all

- the same arrangement with the second channel of the lighting pro.

result: no difference.


So it seems that every fan after the d-fan isn't adressable.

Could this be a firmware issue?

Anything else i could try/test?

The Screenshot of the Link Configuration is attached to this post


I really don't want to send it back. the fans are already out of stock at the vendor i bought them from. I would have to wait more than two weeks for a replacement...




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The d-fan as you call it is likely having some sort of hardware issue. This would make sense since any fans after it in the chain wouldn't light up either. You'll need to either contact the vendor you purchased the fan from, or contact our support team.
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