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Is my power configuration safe? Fire hazard?


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I have a Corsair RM 750X and I plan to power several devices.


I am going to use CP-8920186 SATA cable.


There are four SATA power connectors on this cable.


#1 Goes to a Seagate 2 TB HDD ST2000DM006

#2 Goes to a 512 GB Crucial MX300

#3 Goes to a 512 GB Crucial MX300

#4 is the problem kid


I plan to split number four two power:

- ASUS DVD writer 24F1ST

- Alienware Aurora R4 Master control board


The Aurora Board powers five Noctua Fans (2 X 0.96 + 3 X 0.72), the board itself and AlienFX LED (maybe around 10 Watts).


Am I going to burn my cables? Do I put too many devices? SSDs consume negligible power and DVD drive is comparable to HDD.


Please help me.

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