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x460 - lighting Fans with Strip


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Hi All,


I ordered a PC with the 460X case, it comes with the 3 sp120mm RGB led fans and the 6 ports hub.


I'd like to order a lighting strip for the case, and my question is are there any RGB led strips that will fit and work with the hub and corsair software so I can manage all the lighting components in the case (the 3 sp120 fans along with the strip) and have them work together in the same color and lighting effects.


I found just this following lighting kit:




I'm afraid to get it as they state that it's compatible with the commander mini and lighting node only but then again, I got the corsair hub and sw so it should work too no?


Just to be safe, this is my M-board model: Gigabyte Z370 HD3


Please share your thoughts and experience :D:





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Wow thank you devBiker for your quick response and the very detailed answer!!!


I’ll call my computer tomorrow to verify if the case comes with the lighting node, cause it comes with the remote for sure so what’s the point in having those without the lighting node.


If not I’ll order the strip from Corsair and only connect the lighting node..


I’ll update the thread once I’m done and put on a light show for you! :sunglasse

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I don't think it'll come with the Lighting Node Pro ... just the RGB Fan Controller. Technically, the LNP isn't required for either the SP or the HD RGB fans, just the LL fans. If it comes with the remote, that would take the place of the LNP. The LNP will, however, give you far more functionality than the push-button controller.
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