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Commander Pro w/ Corsair AIO cooler setup


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I'm trying to figure out the best way to setup a new corsair system from the ground up. I have the following:


4 SP 120

Commander Pro Controller

110i v2 AIO cooler

570x Case


The LED are working great and I've wired them into the Commander Pro just fine. My question is around the PWR to all of my fans and AIO cooler. I assume I need to plug the pump into the MotherBoard CPU fan header and ensure my pump is getting the proper voltage, however from there I'm confused.


Do I then plug the AIO cooling fans included with 110i into the Commander Pro or use the built in dongle with AIO cooler to power / control them?


Basically I want to make sure I have all my connections right. I think I should do the following, but wanted to be certain before I setup everything.


Plug 110i pump 3pin into MotherBoard CPU header

Plug 110i x2 fans into Commander pro (not use dongle included from pump)

Plug 110i USB into Commander pro


Plug LED lead from 570x into Commander Pro LED

Plug remaining 4 case fans into Commander Pro Power


Power Commander Pro with SATA

Plug Commander Pro USB into Motherboard.


Let me know if I'm doing something stupid


Thanks in advance!

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You could power the H110i radiator fans from either the pump connections or the Commander Pro. Both can be configured in Link. Since you still need the SATA connection on the H110i for pump and led power, you might as well use the pump for fan control as well. The motherboard lead from the pump does not supply power on the H110i. It does help prevent the standard BIOS boot error when nothing is on CPU fan and will report a speed to the BIOS.


I think your bigger problem is going to be where to stick that 280mm H110i. It won't fit up top. It will need to be front mounted.

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Ideally, plug the fans for the radiator into the 110i. This way the AIO can control the fan speed based on the coolant temp in the hardware, rather than requiring software control.

Now, that's only if you are using the fans that came with the cooler or any other PWM fan. IIRC, the SP120's are not PWM (4-pin) but DC (3-pin) fans. Since the cooler can only control PWM fans, if you had 3-pin fans on the radiator, you would have to use the C-Pro to control them.

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