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K55 disconnected from CUE


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Hi all,

Here is the trick, RANDOMLY mi keyboard disconnect from the CUE 2.

There is no warning no error message so clearly I can't say why this is occuring...

If I unplug the kerboard and replug him its ok the device is recognised in cue2.

But if i continue to use the keyboard randomly the CUE2 lost him...

Moreover there is another bug : the caps led doesn't work.

I've saw some threads about that talking that it was when they use steam or the 360 pad controller.

ITS NOT MY CASE... I don't use steam and the CAPS led sometime is here sometimes not...


CORSAIR : It's getting more and more problematic to have to suffer your lack of implication for resolving our problems. As far as I've seen the caps problem it's now MORE THAN 2 MONTH that the joke goes on...

So please stop spitting on the pattrons and start working.

Would I recommend corsair products : nope as far as my problem isn't fixed...

Sorry 'bout my english i'm not fluent !

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