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How does the blue and red on the new ML140 RGB fans compare to single color LED fans?


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Hey everyone,


I'm surprised to not see a lot of activity discussing the new ML140 Pro fans, RGB specifically. Hoping that if no one else knows then perhaps a generous employee will share their knowledge. I have a red and blue "3D" theme going on my water cooling build and have those colors already with the ML140 Pro single color LED fans. I'd like to put two RGB in the front but I am wondering how close in color they will be when set to blue or red. I have to imagine that the RGB LEDs are not as deep or "true" in single colors.


TLDR; Anyone know if the red/blue settings on the RGB fans match the single color ML140's? Or if they are close? I have looked for videos or pics showing both side by side but can't find anything.



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