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Workaround to Start Link Minimized


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Since so many folks have complained about Link starting in a window, rather than minimized in the system tray, I wrote a little utility that will provide a workaround for this until there is a fix from Corsair (in the next release).

Download this file: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjLE3OnL_l3kld0TL2KgL5l7HatmBQ.


Run "LinkStartMinimized.exe".

Read the screen.

Enable (or disable) the workaround.


That's it. It does require .NET Framework 4.0 to be installed ... but so does Link. So that shouldn't be an issue.

It also writes to the registry. So the typical caveats about modifying the registry apply. Use at your own risk! (That said, it's a really simple app that I wrote in about an hour or so ...)

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