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Is it possible to use your keyboards under XP (even with restricted features)?


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I'm a corsair user by having various products of your brand, and I'm always been satisfed by the design, features & quality of them.

But today, I wish to replace my very old ****ty and used keyboard (dirty too by the way), and the ones you make available to us seems well-made and designed.


But there is a massive problem for me, I'm using Windows XP SP3 (32bits), and the one I want which is supposed to be working on it (K70 MX Red with red lightning [azerty, Im French]) is not anymore available as new (I can't find it, it seems out of stock and replaced by the "LUX" versions which have no support for XP).


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the compatibility problem only comes from your software (CUE).

I have to say I'm really dissapointed by that, and this sounds for me like some kind of "segregation" against people who didn't choose to upgrade.

I know this system is old (but simple and working well according to our needs), mentime, it's still used by thousand of users (even if most of them are not gamers), besides, you loose some potential customers like me...

Why not attempt to make a version your software compatible with XP (for all keyboards), but with restricted features if a few can't because they require some functions in the API of modern Windows?

This could be enough (satisfy them) for some people no?

Then some old keyboard (like the K70) had compatibility with it... why not just put it back on the new ones?


So, here is my question, does another one "not supposed to be Windows XP compatible" can run under XP?

I mean, if this can (for example, without the CUE), what are the things that could work?

Basically, I just need to know if, once USB plugged, all the keys will works (as a normal keyboard), then if I can turn OFF/ON the light and at the best set up the lighting intensity.

If I can't set up some advanced things (like lighting per key etc.), I don't care.

Both base features I've quoted will be enough for me...


If in case it's possible, I'll be glad, then, I think I will take the STRAFE with MX Silent instead, which is more basic/old-school looking (I prefer).

But please confirm me if I can use it for sure (and if I can get an answer from a guy of the staff will be nice, I mean, from someone who is sure).



PS: Please don't ask me why I'm using XP, or the classic "change to a more recent version", I have my reasons to use this OS and I won't change it for a keyboard. So just tell me "yes", or "no" (about compatibility), thank you!

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You can use any of our keyboards without installing the Corsair Utility Engine software, and have the same full functionality of a normal keyboard along with lighting intensity. Color customization and key remapping will not be available without the software though.
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Thank you for the answer, this is that I wanted to know (as confirmation).

So I'm gonna order the Strafe MX Silent for my Windows XP x86 system!


EDIT (just a few more questions):

#1: Does the anti-ghosting system will work too?


#2: What's the exact reference (CH-*) of the normal Strafe (black with red lightning), with MX Silent and Azerty format?

I saw one with -NA at the end (CH-9104023-NA, on your official FR page, I could consider this as "Non-American" but I think it's not, because I see the same in the EN page) but I'm not sure it's the azerty version mainly due to screen of the american version (please confirm).

In fact, it sounds the normal Strafe MX silent is not available with azerty format... (only with MX red or in RGB version right?)


#3: And about the Strafe RGB MX silent, how it will look (about colors) under XP without the software? (I guess this will be RGB but I need confirmation, then know if there is hotkey to swap between some pre-programmed default colors, or if the right switch only allow RGB OFF/ON nothing more).

I desire the normal due to full defaut red color quite enough to me. But if the RGB has the capability (via a key) to look exactly the same (no or full red lighting) without CUE I'll take it if the normal with azerty is unavailable.

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