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Corsair H100i USB interface failure on Crosshair 6 Hero


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This youtube link shows what happens when my system is booted:





Is this a fault of the driver or of malfunctioning pump hardware? I replaced the internal USB cable with an external one I found on Amazon:




But the problem was not resolved. The radiator fans in the video are connected to the Pump but not moving. Connected to the CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT headers it keeps the system cool, but I am unable to change the LED nor monitor the pump in my Corsair Link. Also, no AIO nor W_PUMP RPM data is received from any monitoring package I have run.


I will swap this AIO cooler to my TUF Sabertooth 990FX system as a last-ditch attempt to test whether the problem is a compatibility issue.


Anyone run into this before? Please forgive the horrible sound from that video, just turn it down to mute.


(Side note: the system has had almost 5 hours uptime since booting without a single radiator fan revolution, thanks to the 19C ambient room temperature in here )

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I asked the guy who sold me the H100i about RMA. He said his acct was deactivated and he was trying to get back into it with support staff. Then I haven't heard a peep from him since. Is there any hope for this unit? Or am I off to purchase a new model?


Sucks because I have already purchased the H100i cables kit and the mounting hardware kit to replace what was missing. I don't guess there is any other peripheral to use those cables with?


Who wants to buy some y-splitters?

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