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Corsair One HDR Problem


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Hi guys


I am pretty new to the forum.


Recently I bought Corsair One Pro 1080ti version in Australia and used well with my PG348Q monitor.


Since I bought new system , the Corsair One has been moved to living room and connected with Samsung Q8 Qled TV


I have connect the One with HDMI to TV on back port. Everything was working and it looks fine until I play the Shadow of War.


The Shadow of War support HDR once you turned on the HDR option on window setting. So I turned on the HDR on window setting and it keep turned off automatically.


So I plug the hdmi cable on front panel and it worked fine on HDR.


I put the ticket on Corsair Support and approved for repair. My unit went for repair and came yesterday. It still same thing happen.


So I have googled some information. The below is my conclustion(it maybe wrong)


1. 1080ti graphic card on One is refenrece version


2. It has 3 display port + 1 HDMI port


3. But One has 2 display port + 2 HDMI port(one in the front+ one in the back)


4. Front HDMI port in One is directly connected to graphic card so it worked fine on HDR


5. Back HDMI port is connected on graphic card using converter(Display Port to HDMI port) and this is why HDR is not working.


Corsair should informed this to customer so customer should not waste the time for repair.(I spent 2 weeks to get the repair)


If there is anyone having same issue as me please let me know.


Now I connect to front port and using HDR

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I've had similar disappointments with the rear HDMI. Corsair claims to use an active Display Port to HDMI converter for the back port, but the implementation is crap either due to actually doing a passive conversion or using sub-par parts due to cost or space constraints that restrict the bandwidth.


They would have been better served by leaving the 3 rear ports as full Display Ports and either shipping or recommending a separate full active external, full bandwidth DP to HDMI converter.


I have confirmed on my own Corsair One that the rear HDMI is not full bandwidth, even though employees at Corsair claim it is full HDMI 2.0, it is not for the REAR HDMI port and there is no convincing corsair tech support otherwise because that is the BS spec they have been told as well.


HDR does not work, full 5.1 audio does not work, refresh rates over 60Hz do not work on the rear HDMI port. That means regardless of what spec they say it is compatible with, the rear HDMI implementation on the Corsair One is crap and is gimped.


If you look right now on their "Tech Specs" for the Corsair One for external connections on the web site, they list:


"1x HDMI 2.0

2x DisplayPort "


No other video outs are mentioned. Where is the 4th video port and description for that?? I'd say they left it off intentionally because it would open them up to false advertising.


Other than that and a few small other foibles, the Corsair One is a good machine. However, this slipshod rear HDMI port implementation is one of the things that really bothers me.

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