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Corsair Delaying/Not Refunding My K95 RGB MX Red Keyboard Return


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Just a reminder of Corsair's terrible customer support. If you want a refund for your purchase, don't expect to receive anything at all, once you send your parcel through to their processing office.


I haven't received a refund for my keyboard that I sent on 18th August 2017 with tracked and signed delivery. Corsair has been delaying my refund ever since. I keep being told the same information that the person who deals with refunds is currently not in office.


I called many times between these 3 months and nothing but time waste, headache and delays.


I was told to provide my bank information for a wire transfer, I provided this information two months ago and still nothing. I acknowledge that it may take up to 6-8 weeks to process. But come on, it's been more than double that time by now.


Each time I call for an update on my refund, I keep getting the same responce. That is, a colleague named "Diana" will be forwarded this message. I don't know who this person is, but it seems like she is not doing her job.


I have only one option left now and that is to file fraud for not refunding my item that I have sent, which has been signed by the recipient address (provided by corsair).


Just a message to everyone else that corsair has the worst customer support and I would avoid any product purchases from this company in the future. Considering that the products are also most likely to turn out faulty by this company.

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Take the retailer to court! Not Corsair but the retailer. Take your receipt with you and that should contain enough information for them to proceed. Depending on your own particular country's laws. Most modern countries have similar consumer protection laws.


You may be thinking it will be an expensive outlay, but you could be very surprised. If you are under warranty and it sounds like you are you 'should' be awarded costs.


Good luck.

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It doesn't matter where you bought it. Amazon is just another retailer. What really does matter is in which country you live. If in a modern country with fair consumer laws.(which all western countries have) It's not Amazon's or Corsairs' rules and conditions that apply, it's your country's laws that really matter.


Take all your documents with you to the local court house and see what you can do. You may be very pleasantly surprised. Or not and donate your keyboard to them.

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