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H110i GT Minimum Fan Speed


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I'm having a very minor problem with one of the fans on my H110i GT. I've replaced the stock fans with Akasa Apaches. Up until a couple of days ago, I've been able to turn them both down to about 650RPM at their absolute lowest.


Now one of them will not go below 850RPM at all. I've tried both manually setting the RPM and using custom curves. The other one is fine and the top speed on both is exactly the same (1300RPM).


I've tried using the latest version of CL and the version before. No difference.


Before I go digging about for replacement fans, is their something obvious I'm missing within Corsair Link or does it sound like the fan (or AIO) is going bad?


Again it's a very minor issue as I usually run my fans around the 750RPM mark at idle anyway, but I'd prefer not to have one running higher the other.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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I'm inclined to think it's the fans. Question: are they connected to the cooler or to the motherboard? While I'm not familiar with the H100i GT, most of the coolers only show one fan's speed when they are connected to the cooler.


They're both connected to the cooler using the supplied splitter cable and in Corsair Link they both have individual speed read outs. I might try and find my stock fans at some point and give them a go.


The fan in question does sound a bit rattly, so maybe it's on its way out.

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