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Greetings Corsair! Diggin my new K95!


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Greetings Corsair. Longtime Logitech customer here. Sadly, I am not a fan of the direction their products are going in these days. They have long since abandoned God's gift to mice everywhere, the Logitech G500, and their mechanical keyboards are just too sensitive. Not to mention their insistence on putting special markings on the inferior WASD keys.


So that has led me to break out and search for new keyboards and mice for my consideration for future gaming rigs and setups. After looking around I have settled on the Corsair K95 Platinum with the Cherry Browns and a Corsair GLAIVE RGB.


So far I am diggin em pretty well. They aren't perfect but they are getting the job done. The feed back on these brown switches does feel nice. I particularly love the pass through USB port with separate connection.


I had been pondering using two USB extension cables to connect my mouse and keyboard up to my two PCs. After opening up the K95 and discovering the split connector however, and the fact that the cords is of a good length, I realized I can plug my mouse into the keyboard pass through, ensuring I have plenty of cord length for movement, and simply move the keyboard plug between my two rigs. (There is not a KVM switch at all that I would consider gaming grade. Perhaps this can be a future product category for Corsair?)


This pass through connection, given the physical geometry of my PCs and the room I have for them to rest, means that virtually no one can beat the K70 and K95 for my needs at this time.


I do have only one suggestion for future designs and one complaint. First the suggestion, that a keyboard with Cherry Clear switches be offered. I really feel like I need something with a stiffer force required as simply resting my hand on the keyboard leads to accidental key presses with depressing frequency. The complaint is that the Corsair Utility Software is still buggy and not 100% intuitive.


Other than that, y'all are off to great start convincing me that I won't be returning to Logitech in the future.

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i swear all these post are fake i am on my 3e keyboard that is clearly faulty like what the actual **** and the same d key that is chattering, ****ing hell even tested it on my laptop still chatters, how can people tolerate that garbage quality.


Nothing fake about my post at all. If you are having problems with an item, return it and get another. One reason I like shopping at a place like Fry's. I can open the box and examine the item in store before I even take it up to the cashier to pay for it.


Mass production is great for ensuring there is an ample supply of goods in the world, but does make quality control harder to implement and maintain. Ultimately, you have to be your own final QC.

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