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H110i GT warranty question


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I own the h110i GT since 10-2015, it works still okay, but..

So what exactly data should i present to tech support, if RMA case to happen.

Its package is lost, i have the manual, warranty guide and the serial number on the sticker, on the radiator. And purchase proof is intact.

Also i see no serial number registration or warranty confirmartion service on-site, whether is it needed or not...

What should i do in such a case ?

I did read the warranty guide, it is short and not so clear in detail. :idea:

Also i am unable to solve it at place of buying, the warranty proposed was limited to 12 months.

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A blogger in youtube posted a video of unpacking the H110i GT, different country than mine though, showing some extra two piece of papers, additionally to manual and warranty guide, mentioning one of as "corsair warranty".

I'm pretty confused with that, lacking those two. Neither i remember that i had them in my package.

It seems that serial, all details/fans/etc included and purchase docs are enough and ok ?

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The warranty guide you're referring to should say something like "warranty for australian customers" I think, but it has nothing to do with the RMA process.


DevBiker's correct - tech support will ask for a copy of your receipt. They'd only need the cooler and original fans sent back, nothing else (e.g. brackets, screws, etc).

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