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First of all, forgive me for my English, it's from the Google translator.


He bought these headphones and I come using another brand. I think some excellent headphones but I have a great problem with them and a suggestion that surely has something more secure.

The thing is that the volume of the voice when speaking, the volume of the voice when speaking, the volume and the feeling of being too depressed and the ear of a child by the headphones. This does nothing but press the button to hear the sound of your cell phone.

:!:Does this happen to anyone else?:!:

If so, my proposal for this is:

- If you have enough volume to be able to regulate that your own voice is heard through the headphones, why can not you increase the percentage of maximum volume that self-perception can put? :idea:It is not so crazy to upload it and leave it at a maximum of 25% of the total volume of the headphones so that everyone can adjust it to their style.:idea:

:idea:I hope this can be taken into account for the next updates of the CUE since the experience of the users of these headphones can be much more taken advantage of with the suggestions of the users.:idea:


Greetings and thanks for the attention received.

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