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CX450M making loud noises while gaming


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My PSU is making really loud noises while gaming.


What kind of noises? Buzzing? Whining? Grinding?


I requested a RMU atm but I was wondering if I can send the 450M back and pay on top to get a RM650X model. Is that possible or is it they dont usually do?


You would need to contact support via your support ticket to raise that question.

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Sounds like the fan rattling then?


When and where did you buy the CX-M from?


It just started doing this after you've owned the PSU for a while?



9-9-2016 and I bought it from Alternate, a dutch electronic store in the Netherlands.


Yes, only when I'm gaming. It makes a rattling, buzzing sound. I checked everything and the sound is only coming from the PSU. I bought a brand new CX450M and it was worse then the older one, so i'm sending the new one back to the store I bought

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