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Motherboard overheating?


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I've had this building recently for the last few months and everything has been fine so far but recently now when I go to corsair link I notice my motherboard temp#4 & 6 have been hitting 90c and its been like that since I updated corsair link so i'm not sure if its corsair link being wrong as usual or its my actual build. I just want to make sure

My specs are

Gigabyte GA-Z270N-Wifi mobo

Intel 7600k

Corsair CMK16GX4M2A22400C16

Gigabyte GTX 1080 Windforce

Samsung SSD 960 Evo 250gb

2TB seagate HDD


Corsair CX Series 650 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certified Modular Power Supply

Windows 10 home 64bit





*Edit* The temps that show are from the system its idle and when underload when gaming the temps stay roughly the same for those 2 and rest slightly increase.

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Considering that you are seeing these temps from what is, essentially, two different software sources (HWInfo and Link, which uses the CPUID SDK) that use two different SDKs, it does warrant investigation.

That said, nothing else indicates a problem ... at all. If you had those kinds of temperatures on the board, I would expect to see something else heating up as well, even if only due to the indirect heat caused by the 90C component. Additionally, your motherboard only has 4 temp sensors ... and you have 4 different readings (in HWInfo, System 1, PCH, CPU and VRM MOS) that not only seem to align with the temp sensor diagram but are inline with expectations.

Question: do you see this in Gigabyte's tools (System Information Viewer) as well? It could well be something a little quirky in their EC that's causing both HWInfo and CPUID SDK/Link to pick up a phantom reading that (I would expect) their software would handle correctly. Also - and not to blow you off - did you see if there is anything on Gigabytes forums (assuming they have them) or other forums related to this board?

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